The Simplest Yet Important facts about Digital Marketing

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There may be many questions in your mind about Digital Marketing like:- 

What is Digital Marketing?

What are the various components of Digital Marketing?

What are the benefits of learning digital marketing?

And so on… 

Here, I’m going to give answers to all these simple but major questions.



Digital Marking is also known as ‘Online Marketing’ Or ‘Internet Marketing.’ Its also called Internet Marketing because it uses the internet as its medium of marketing.

As the name suggests, it consists of two words –‘Digital’ and  ‘Marketing.’

The word Digital means uses of Technologies and Marketing means Buying and selling of products and services.

Thus we can say Digital Marketing is a way of marketing on digital platforms. But basically, Digital Marketing is more marketing than being digital.


Components of Digital Marketing

There are loads and loads of components in Digital Marketing but here, I have listed and explained in brief a few important of them:

The major components of Digital Marketing are :

  • Content Marketing:- Content Marketing is that approach of marketing where a marketer focuses on creating and distributing quality, valuable and relevant content to the targeted audiences. Here marketing needs to be consistent for the long term as it drives the most profit.

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  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):- It is a way to get an improvement of website quality by ranking organically high in search engines. SEO works on some algorithms which run in real-time when any key term is searched in a browser.

          The 4 types of SEO are:


         1. On-Page SEO.


          2. Off-Page SEO.


         3. Technical SEO


         4. Local SEO

        The role of SEO in Digital Marketing is very important as it    

         increases the organic traffic, offers majestic ROI, Work 24*7  

         and also reaches the entire targeted audience.

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  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC):-  It is a type of Digital Marketing in which an advertiser has to pay some amount to the publishers whenever the ads are clicked or visited. 

         Here, what happens is that ads are shown by the publishers 

         and when someone visits that ad the advertiser has to pay

         some amount of fee to the publishers for that visit. It is not like 

         that of organic search, but the value of visit worth more than 

         that of its fee.


  • Social Media Marketing (SMM):- It is one of the easiest ways to reach an enormous audience half of the global population uses social media. It increases brand awareness and boosts a website. Content distribution on social media is faster and easier. Research has also found that people come to know about new brands and websites on social media itself. Using SMM a marketer can interact regularly with targeted customers.  


  • Digital Display Marketing:- Digital Display Marketing uses graphical media on the internet. This Graphical media can be images, moving images. videos, animation, or simple text links.

          This advertising media whenever clicked redirects to the

         website of an advertising company.


  • Web Analytics:-  Web analytics is a reporting interface that allows monitoring a website performance by tracking matrices like visitors, page views, and online conversion. Web analytics is an important tool for webmasters as it allows them to collect, measure and analyze data for their websites.
  • Mobile Marketing:- It is the act of promoting any product and services via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile Marketing is based on devices rather than demographics. There are several pros and cons of Mobile marketing.





             # Pros:- * Easy to set up.

                                 * Very cost-effective.

                                 * Real-time access to potential customers.





              # Cons:- * Data privacy concern.

                                  * Increased data cost.

                                 * Chances of errors.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

There are vast advantages of Digital Marketing over all other forms of marketing. These advantages are:-

  •  Worldwide connections.
  • Acknowledgment of the competitors.
  • Instant results.
  • Builds trust conveniently.
  • Generate high Revenues.
  • Less investment cost.
  • Makes exact strategies for sales.

Conclusion:-  So, we can conclude that Digital Marketing can be the best platform for any business or a brand to flourish. And also, during this pandemic time, all other forms of marketing can be affected but Digital Marketing can’t be affected. So time requires to learn the various skill of Digital Marketing. You may come across many obstacles to learn it, but you can come across to overcome obstacles, 

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