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Our job is not to create content. Our job is to change the world of the people who consume it. “– Andrea Fryrear.


“Content is the valuable asset.”

 “Content is the king.”

“Content is everything.”

You might have read a lot about  Content Marketing that drives you to grasp different aspects of it. 

Here, I’m going to help you with a valuable guide to  Content Marketing.


What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a type of marketing where relevant content is created and distributed to the targeted customers. Many businesses do content marketing to achieve their goals like boost in sales, increase in customer base, generating more leads, expanding brand awareness with credibility, and much more. 

It is a holistic plan on ways to use content to expand any business.

Usually, Content Marketing onsets the needs of its customers and then creates valuable content for them. 

The various formats of content delivery are:

  • Email
  • Video
  • White paper
  • Infographics
  • E-books
  • Podcasts
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs

All these above categories require to deliver a large number of valuable content consistently by a marketer to attract new audiences and engaging its users.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Get now the various crucial benefits of Content Marketing.

* Building a long-term audience:-

 It means that Content Marketing focuses on building secure and long-term relationships with its targeted audiences by offering them high-quality content which will be consistently very relevant to them.

When the contents are delivered regularly, it builds trust and loyalty among customers. They feel that the marketer is taking care of them. 

And, gradually, customers decide to buy products or services.

*Generates more and better leads:- 

Contents are created to provide free and practical information to its visitors. 

These contents may include CTAs (calls-to-actions) at any position. The more eager and delighted visitor may like to click on CTAs and then they will move onto the landing page.

  Thus, Content can be a great way to guide audiences to landing pages.

*Expands Brand Awareness:-

Brand awareness is important because people are more likely to purchase from a brand they recognize and trust.

When quality content is delivered consistently, it allows the customers to recognize your brand. Also, customers understand the qualities your brand has different from other competitors in your industries. 

Hence, you become more authentic to your audiences through content marketing.

*Perfect combination with SEO:-

It requires great efforts of investment (both time and money) for a business to rank higher in search engine results pages(SERPs).

Content Marketing is most useful for achieving a higher level of engagement and loyalty from their audience, present customers, and even potential customers.

SEO without content marketing is like a body without a soul because SEO is strategized around content marketing.

Types of Content Marketing

I have grouped the types of content marketing into three categories which makes it easier to understand. 

These types are:-

  • Visual Content:-   Visual posts are more focused and condensed. If you want to convey a lot to your audiences, usage of visual content can be more effective and advanced than texts. It can be a great method to get attention and convey messages quickly.

         The two types of visual contents are:

  1.   Infographics 
  2.   Pictures
  • Written Content:-   Such content can be educational tools with which customers can spend some time. Creating this type of content is dominant to keep your customer engaged. 

          You can explain your products and services in-depth to your 

          customers and can grasp their attention.


           Types of Written content are:- 

            1. Blog posts

            2. eBooks

            3. Case studies

            4. White papers 

            5. Social media posts

  • Audiovisual Content:- This is the most popular type of content marketing these days. You can create content that is quick, real-time, and engaging. Also, you can record for later delivery or speak live to your customers about your products and services.

          Different types of audiovisual content are:




Strategies for Content Marketing

Do you use Content Marketing Strategies effectively?

Although, quality content itself raises brand awareness among targeted customers. Yet one needs a proper marketing strategy to

get benefits.

Using the right content marketing strategy, you can avoid wasting time and effort on the wrong marketing approaches. 

Few best practices for content marketing strategy are listed here: 

  • Define its goals:- The aim of content marketing is likely to be-
  1. generate maximum reveneu
  2. more and more sales
  3. getting most traffic
  4. rank high in SEO searching
  5. lower investments
  6. Social media influence
  • Set out the mission:-  The first step in the duration of content marketing should be setting out its mission. 

          To frame out its mission one needs to work upon:

  1. finding target customers
  2. creating valuable content to approach them
  3. raising their profit.

     A basic formula to make a mission for content marketing is:


      “Provide [ audience] with [ content] to help them [ get profit]”

  • Executions:- Execution of content marketing in the right manner is important to go successfully. 

          So, how to execute? 

          What should be the starting point?

          Well, execution is all about operations not only beginning but 

          the end also.

         So, we need to understand its executions-

  1. need to work differently on each project
  2. managing its assets and all programs
  3. Delivering contents through the right channels
  4. Track, measure, report, and analyze the contents that are shared and consumed.
  5.  best uses of tools and technologies as a part of the project.

     Content Marketing Tools

Last but not least, in the execution of a content marketing campaign, the selection of appropriate tools is too very important. 

Here, you will find the 5 best tools that will help a lot in your content marketing journey.

  1. BuzzSumo:- Using this tool, you can understand what kind of content is trending in your industry. It will give you topics you can write about. You will also experience how your competitors’ content is influencing and compare their results from your performances.
  2. Evernote:- It is an ultimate content organizing tool. It helps to be organized in a better way which will help to groom your future content. You can capture, organize and share your notes with EverNote. It is a place where you and your team can put ideas separately and even collaborate on them.
  3. Kred:-  It is a tool that can help you to find and connect with your influencers who find ways to amplify your content on social media. Because producing content is not enough and hoping so that people read it. There is a requirement for more work to be done like analyzing social media accounts, building trust and credibility, etc. 
  4. Trello:- This is a great productivity resource to schedule content writing, posting, and sharing. It is also an eminent tool for the collaboration of team members. Its layout makes it easy to get started and remain focused for the smooth running of strategies.
  5. ClickFunnels:- As the name suggests, it is used to create funnels. Since creating funnels and converting them is a long process that requires a lot of time. ClickFunnels can be brought into play to save time in this journey because of its templates that make its processes a bit faster. The best part is that these templates are sketched by site based on what has already worked for other companies.


 Hoping that this post guide you to start content marketing or even you are. if you got a small feeling that you should get started with this soon, I believe the post has served its purpose.

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